Why More Women Are Using Anavar Than Other Steroids

Anavar is the steroid of choice for many women. In fact, it is known as the “girl steroid” for good reason. Gone are the days when only men

Anavar is the preferred steroid for women
Anavar is the preferred steroid for women bodybuilders

took steroids in order to prepare for competition as women are upping their training regimens as well. 

The key for women to choose a good steroid is to find one that does not cause excess bloating, water retention, and bulk. This is the reason why many women choose Anavar as the perfect aid in a training regimen. Anavar helps to preserve lean muscle while also boosting metabolism.


It’s All About That Dose

The usual Anavar dose for women is between 5 to 10 mg a day dosed twice daily. It is usually dosed twice a day because it has a half-life, the time that it takes to fall to 50% of its original potency, of 9 hours. Primarily, Anavar is used only during the cutting cycle for 4 to 6 weeks. Some women have taken Anavar up to 20 mg a day without any unwanted side effects but doses exceeding that eventually lead to virilisation.

Anavar Results for Women
Anavar Results for Women

Virilisation is usually displayed as a deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, and increased body and facial hair. Therefore, it is of upmost importance that women stay within the recommended dosing range at all costs.


No Bulk, No Problem

Since Anavar works to preserve lean muscle, this makes it the perfect steroid for women. The fact that it does not cause bulking is just an added bonus. It does not aromatize or cause estrogen release in the body causing water retention or bloating.

This enables the lean and sculpted muscles to emerge even more and give the competitor a leg up on the competition.

Another added benefit of Anavar for women is that it does not cause hair loss for the most part. If hair loss is observed, it usually occurs at the front of the scalp as a small, round bald spot.


Stacking For Success

Anavar can further be used perfectly in a stacking regimen with other steroids. A stacking regimen allows the effects Anavar for Womenof the individual steroids to be amplified, thus resulting in a lean and sculpted physique. F

or women, the perfect steroids to combine with Anavar are Primobolan and Winstrol while it may also be combined with other performance enhancers such as Cytomel and Clenbuterol. It is wise to consult a trainer or a bodybuilding expert to find the perfect stacking regimen. The stacking regimen usually involves different combinations of steroids in varying doses as the cycle progresses.

Anavar does not cause liver toxicity like other steroids. However, it is recommended not to over-indulge in any alcoholic beverages as this may cause some unwanted side effects.

Overuse and abuse of Anavar may lead to an increase in liver enzymes as well as serum bilirubin.

Another advantage of Anavar is that it does not cause a suppression of testosterone like other steroids. Rather, it works synergistically with testosterone to sculpt a beautifully toned physique. At $2 to $5 a tablet, Anavar can be an expensive steroid, and thus it is important to get the most effects out of its use.


Be Careful Though

Just as there are many benefits and advantages to taking Anavar, it does have its drawbacks. It should not be taken by women who are pregnant or are looking to get pregnant or by those who are nursing. In addition, those who have suffered from heart problems such as heart failure, heart attacks, or chest pain should also avoid taking Anavar.

It is recommended that those who have hypertension or high cholesterol should avoid taking Anavar as well. It has been observed that Anavar may cause acne, especially on the back and shoulders. This effect can be mitigated by taking frequent showers and using over the counter acne treatment.

Despite the drawbacks, Anavar can be used as a perfect aid for women while getting ready for competition. The key is that it must be used responsibly and in the right dosages. It is also a wise idea to get a complete and through check-up before beginning any sort of training routine.

When combined with a strict exercise and a clean eating regimen, Anavar may just be the most perfect steroid for women to take while preparing for competition.


Anvarol, the 100% legal steroid alternative to anavar can also be used for shedding fat fast.

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