Why Anavar is a Female Bodybuilder’s Best Friend

Anavar or oxandrolone is a mild anabolic steroid which is popular among the bodybuilding set. For years, Anavar has been used with great success during cutting cycles. Women Anavar for Womenhave the most success with this “wonder steroid” as it helps to preserve lean muscle and fuel metabolism. Although both men and women use Anavar, it has proven to be far more effective in women.

It was first introduced by Searle Laboratories in 1964 and was used primarily as a medicinal supplement. It helped treat AIDS, cancer, and chemo patients for wasting syndrome. In addition, it has been used to help patients gain weight after surgery, chronic infection, and prolonged corticosteroid use.

Eventually bodybuilders became aware of how effective Anavar use was in the cutting cycle while preparing for competitions. What has become most clear as time went on was that women get more benefit from using Anavar than men. It is effective for women at the dose of 5 to 10 mg a day. Some women may use up to 20 mg a day but doses exceeding that may cause virilisation. Virilisation is displayed by a deepening voice, increased facial hair, and clitoral enlargement. Although the likelihood is low for women who use Anavar, it is a possibility for those who exceed the recommended 20 mg dose per day.


Some Benefits of Taking Anavar

In women, oxandrolone helps to preserve lean muscle while keeping metabolism high. It also has relatively few side effects. It does not aromatize which means that there is no water retention that is associated with use. Anavar has a tendency to cause hair loss even though the probability is rather low. If it does occur in women, it usually happens towards the front of the scalp. The best thing about Anavar is the effect that it has on women’s physique during a cutting cycle.

Slowly but surely, a lean and toned figure that is cut just right seems to emerge after a few cutting cycles. Anavar coupled with the right eating and exercise plan prove to be an unbeatable combination for women getting ready for competition.


More Advantages of Taking Anavar

Anavar is considered a mild steroid because the probability of experiencing side effects is relatively low. The usual cycle is 5 to 10 mg a day split twice a day due to the 9 hour half-life of Anavar. The half-life is the amount of time it takes for a substance to reach a concentration of 50% its original potency.

Thus with a half-life of 9 hours, twice daily dosing is perfect. Some women may feel that they need a stronger dose and thus approach the upper limit by taking 20 mg. However, strong caution must be used in order to not exceed 20 mg a day to avoid possible virilisation.


Men Do Not Have the Same Effect with Anavar

Men have taken Anavar during cutting cycles but with measurably less success than women. For men, the dose that may be taken is much higher at 50 to 80 mg a day. Some have even taken up to 100 mg but benefits seem to rapidly diminish in doses exceeding that.  Women definitely have the advantage over their male bodybuilder counterparts in terms of benefits received from taking Anavar.

One drawback for men using Anavar is that it is not a good bulking agent. However, this has proven to be a very advantageous effect for women.

Another major drawback to using Anavar is its high cost averaging between $2 and $5 a tablet.

This is one of the primary reasons it is used solely during a cutting cycle. Using it between cycles just does not make sense due to it being cost prohibitive.


The Drawbacks of Using Anavar

Though it is considered a very effective substance for women to use during a cutting cycle, there are some warnings that should be given attention. Women who want to have a baby or are breastfeeding should not take Anavar. It is especially important that a woman who is already pregnant not take Anavar. Those ladies who suffer from hypertension, heart problems, or high cholesterol should not take this steroid either.

In addition, it may cause acne flare ups on the back or shoulders. Although it is far from a perfect substance as it does have a few warnings associated with it, Anavar is truly a wonderful supplement to aid even the most diligent and dedicated female bodybuilders to get in perfect form for competition.


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