What’s A Good PCT For An Anavar Only Cycle?

Summary: Anavar, an anabolic steroid is used to increase the muscle mass by many users. The following article compiles some good practices for the use of Anavar and an effective PCT.


Anavar is an anabolic steroid which should not be used alone. Using only Anavar without adding any other steroid like testosterone in the regimen may lead to death of the user.


I have devised quite an applicable experience to use the Anavar and I can compile some basics of that plan here:

A single cycle of Anavar comprising of 8 weeks is not at all life threatening instead this drug may elevates the mood of the user and the you will certainly have a better feeling during first few days after starting the Anavar cycle. Although the feelings may disappear gradually just like the anabolic effects but in my personal experience during 8 week use of Anavar I never had any significant problems.

And I shouldn’t be because merely depression must not be considered a significant problem when you can see your strength improving at an exponential pace. The loss of libido for a few weeks also should not be a big problem and is worth the end result that you can achieve with only a single 8 week cycle of Anavar.

Anvarol Results

Second thing that I had experienced was that the 100 mg/day dose is a very high dosage and must be reduced to around 60-80 mg/day to avoid any significant adverse drug reactions.

The main problem lies with the blood lipids when you are using the Anavar. In contrast the values of liver function tests may remain within normal range at 80 mg/day dosage. If you are using 100 mg/day then I cannot be so sure.

The exogenous addition of the testosterone can markedly improve the cycle of the Anavar but this strategy has a problem. Addition of exogenous testosterone into the body will result in the suppression of endogenous testosterone production. This will result in the complications during recovery in the post cycle therapy or PCT.

It must be considered that Anavar itself is a very mild suppressive agent so the addition of another agent with a very high suppressive activity is not a good strategy when your main purpose is to keep gains. Many people don’t add testosterone to the regimen only to have sex every day.

Anavar is a type of steroid that is known as non-aromatizing in the medical language. This means that it will help in gaining the lean muscle without water. These gains are recognized by a slow increase in the muscle mass. So you wouldn’t be getting too much muscle mass in a couple of days instead you may be looking like a ripped Greek God after several cycles of Anavar if you have low body fat content of around 5-10%.

Although there would be a very little change in your appearance if you possess a body fat content of about 20%. But the main benefit that you will get from this steroid is actual strength gains on any conditions at virtually NO side effects. This is the main factor behind the popularity of this steroid. However there are some people who judge the efficacy and effectiveness of a steroid by its ability to hold water in the body.

The user of Anavar must be encouraged to create an effective PCT by accurately measuring your testosterone values.

Most people do not experience any significant problems with their testosterone levels as Anavar only mildly suppress the testosterone production.

But this is not always the case. There are cases like me who experience a 100% suppression of the testosterone hormone and if I stop taking Anavar abruptly and starts a PCT with some anti estrogens I am back on my pre-cycle level within a mere of 10 days.

Therefore in these cases the dosage must be tapered off gradually during the PCT. I start my PCT with a 10mg dosage per day with a simultaneous use of Anastrozole with a dosage of 1 mg per day. I gradually taper off the Anavar to 5 mg/day and then after a month I only use anastrozole for a further one month. This is the simplest and most efficacious PCT I have experienced myself.

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