The Anavar Only Cycle Maybe Not As Mild In The Suppression Of HPTA As Most People Think

The following article highlights the significant adverse effects that can appear when a person uses the Anavar only as anabolic steroids. The


article also includes alternative remedies to use when you are on an Anavar cycle.

I have been managing time to tell you this from last couple of weeks but I was pretty busy with my holiday schedule and all.


What I have researched about Anavar:

Well according to my personal research and also from what I have been studying at my university, have led me to some very interesting information one of the most famous anabolic steroid Anavar and the effects it has on the suppression of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis (HPTA) and I managed to learn the actual facts behind it.

You have always heard the Anavar as a “Mild” agent as people are heard saying it for over a decade now and maybe it is true for the most part but it is not that MILD when it comes to the functioning of HPTA and also is a very strong and potent agent as an anabolic steroid and even more powerful in its anabolic effects than the Anadrol which is generally considered as the most powerful anabolic steroid.

Well that is another discussion the main point of my today’s post is to elaborate the effects of Anavar on the HPTA because it is very strongly asserted that Anavar has a very mild effect on the HPTA when it is not mild at all.

So I have done an extensive research on this topic in particular and concluded that it is not mild in fact it possess as strong suppressing effect on the HPTA as any other anabolic agent available in the market.


What makes me research about Anavar:

In my program just before the Christmas holidays we covered the Anavar actually we were very excited or you can say surprised mainly to notice that here in our university’s premedical program we are actually studying the effects of these anabolic steroids on the endocrine system of the body. As everyone from the pre-med or life sciences department will know that there are no classes about this particular anabolic steroids topic anywhere in these departments. So my excitement was truly justified to have these classes even though they were very brief.

We got a chance to learn its effects in the tissues particularly the muscle tissues. We also learned about its indications in the treatment of trauma and in osteoporosis. The highly experienced guest speaker who was a former professor in the field of endocrinology and metabolism and is now working as a researcher in this division shared all of this with us. After he ended his speech I was successful in approaching him and to ask him about the Anavar and this related stuff.

As you can imagine he was a very busy man and I was lucky that he generously gave me half an hour out of his extremely busy schedule. However 30 minutes wasn’t enough to talk about all this Anavar stuff. But during this small meeting with him I was quite shocked to hear a few details that made me curious enough to search this topic on my own for which he provided me with a few clinical studies and guide me to investigate those studies.


What I have discovered in my research:

I was very shocked at first to discover that the steroidal agent that most of the people at gym term as mildly suppressive towards HPTA wasn’t actually mild at all.

This was true only for the very low doses often Anavar Dosageprescribed for the children i.e. 5 mg daily but the doses that are prescribed for the bodybuilders is a whole different story.

It was clearly stated in the studies that at high doses that are normally prescribed for the bodybuilders it is a strong suppressor of the endogenous production of testosterone.

The most convincing study I came across in this aspect was the one in which 6 young males were chosen for sampling of the Anavar and they were given mild doses only 15 mg daily and they showed a substantial drop in their endogenous testosterone production within a period of just 5 days.

According to that study the 5 day administration of Anavar resulted in a marked drop from 449 ng/dl to 282 ng/dl which accounts for a 37% decline in the testosterone level in just a matter of 5 days.

It must be noticed that these adverse effects are appearing at a dose that is very low compared to the dose that is recommended for the bodybuilders. If only a dose of 15 mg has this much adverse effect on the testosterone production with a use of only 5 days then you can imagine what a 30 mg daily dose continuing for weeks will do to this production of testosterone.


What am I trying to suggest:

The point I am actually trying to assert here is that the new youngsters that are coming in this field and are under the age of 24 must avoid this anabolic steroid as it is totally unsafe for them at the doses recommended for the body builders.

So if you are still thinking of using the Anavar-only cycle and think this will somehow let you avoid the HPTA problems which would be a permanent loss then you need to think twice.

The second thing that must be taken into account while on Anavar-cycle is that you must take the testosterone supplements from outside to fill the deficiency of testosterone in the body as the result of depletion caused by this steroid. The use of Anavar makes it a necessity to take testosterone in at least at a TRT dose. This will ensure the maintenance of a normal physiological level of testosterone in the case of suppressed or complete shutdown of the HPTA caused by Anavar use. You may not die if you are on an Anavar-only cycle but it surely have substantial adverse effects on your health as a result of testosterone depletion.


What can be concluded from all this discussion:

There is still an ongoing quest to find a perfect anabolic steroid but for now Anavar is probably the closest to what we called a perfect steroid but not actually perfect. It also comes with a lot of flaws and adverse effects. May be not as much as the other steroids but still it has its fair share of side effects.



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