Steroids – The “Dark Side” of CrossFit

A variety of different types of steroids have been demonized in the media because of their use in professional athletics. A sports hero gets caught doping and suddenly steroids are blamed for all the problems in sports.
Crossfit and Steroids
What people should realize is that when intense athletic competition is involved, along with fame, money, and advertisers, there’s almost certainly going to be steroids. The following information discusses the top 5 reasons that steroid use is rampant in sports such as CrossFit.


Athletes are Involved in Intense Training

Thousands of bodybuilders and other physique athletes train nonstop throughout the year, eat an incredibly restricted diet, and then climb on stage in nothing but a tan and a teeny-tiny bikini or speedo. All this to receive a little plastic trophy and some temporary Internet fame.
Many people may not realize that steroid use is rampant in these circles. These athletes are not only open about their steroid use and abuse, but educate one another on how to use them correctly.


Steroids Are Not That Expensive

A 10 to 20 week cycle of most types of steroids will cost less than 2 containers of your favorite muscle building supplement and will produce a lot more results. The cost of steroids verses muscle building supplement can be broken down in the following way.

A name brand muscle building supplement will cost approximately $139.90 for 2 bags, plus shipping. A week’s worth of Testosterone Enanthate plus testing costs will come to about $130 for 10 weeks. That leaves $9.90 that an athlete can spend on the syringes.


Many Athletes Get Caught All the Time

Many athletes get caught doping all the time. There are lists of over 1,000 names online of just athletes in track & field who have either tested positive or refused to take a test. People don’t often hear about these individuals in the media unless they are the big name athletes.

A lot of these athletes wouldn’t even be recognized as known athletes if they were seen walking down the street. But it is unrealistic to think their year-round ripped abs and incredible athletic prowess is all natural.


Crossfitters are Surrounded by Steroid Use

Athletes involved in CrossFit are constantly surrounded by and exploited by coaches and other steroid users. It should be obvious to sports fans just how much doping is going on behind the scenes. Many women athletes get deep, scratchy voices and claim it’s the result of intensive training. Training doesn’t change a women’s voice, but steroid use will.


Testing Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately drug testing is often sub-par and normally doesn’t work. Users are one step ahead of whatever testing methods are currently being used. A drug test has sometimes been equated to an IQ test.

Most fans don’t realize that their hero athlete is often times on something even though they may naively believe otherwise. Super human strength may come, at least in part, in a syringe.



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