Precautions When Taking Anavar

Anavar or oxandrolone is a mild anabolic steroid that produces amazing and awe inspiring feats such as cutting and preserving lean muscle like no other steroid. The other name for Anavar is oxandrolone tablets. It only comes in tablets and not liquid and Anavar’s fat burning characteristics are legendary. Anavar

It also gives a kick in the pants to the metabolism that causes the incineration of subcutaneous and abdominal fat. It can be stacked effectively with other steroids such as Masteron, Winstrol, Trenbolone, and Testosterone producing a lean, mean, and fit physique that is competition ready. It also is known for causing little hepatotoxicity as compared to other steroids. That is because it is not extensively metabolized by the liver which is a welcome relief to those who already suffer from liver injury and issues.


Common Conditions That Prohibit Anavar Use

Before this supplement is regarded solely as a wonder aid to bodybuilders, it must be noted that there are several conditions that prohibit its use. Those who have heart conditions cannot take Anavar and should avoid it altogether. These conditions include chest pain, heart rhythm abnormalities, heart failure, and heart attack. These patients should not even attempt to use Anavar for fear of any untoward side effects.

In addition, those who have hypertension should not take this supplement. Those who have high cholesterol or high blood fats of any sort should avoid it as well. These conditions are important to know as some of them do not exhibit any symptoms. Therefore, it is critical to get a full physical before beginning this or any other steroid regimen.


Women of Child Bearing Age

Women must be particularly careful about taking this steroid. There are many women of child- bearing age who wish to have a family and who are also bodybuilders. Those women who are already pregnant or nursing should avoid taking Anavar at all costs. More importantly, those women who wish to start a family should avoid taking Anavar as well. This is important to note because pregnancies can go undetected for weeks. There needs to be an awareness of the seriousness of Anavar use during pregnancy in order to protect the fetus.


Men With Prostate Issues

Men who have had prostate issues in the past should avoid taking Anavar. Prostate issues include benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH, prostate enlargement, and a whole host of other conditions pertaining to the prostate. Also it is important to note that although Anavar does not cause specific injury to the liver as compared to other steroids, it is equally important to avoid over indulging in any alcoholic beverages. It should also go without saying that under no circumstances should this be given to children.


Safety Is The Main Concern

The heart of any bodybuilding regimen should not only be a beautiful and sculpted physique, but safety should be the utmost concern. The dosage of anavar for women is usually between Anavar 5 to 10 mg. Dosages exceeding 20 mg should not be taken by women as virilisation is more than likely to occur. Virilisation can be demonstrated by a deepening of the voice as well as clitoral enlargement and increased facial and body hair.

Men’s usual and optimal dose is between Anavar tablets 50 mg to 80 mg with a max of 100 mg a day. Doses over 100 mg have not shown any added benefit. Overuse and abuse of Anavar can lead to increased liver enzymes and serum bilirubin. Anavar use may also cause acne and hair loss which tend to be mild.

Anavar has many advantages over other steroids that make it one of the most popular steroids. It is safe, effective, and has amazing results. In fact, it is usually included in the bodybuilding arsenal of many competitors. Despite its many benefits and advantages, it is worth making note of its drawbacks. Failure to do so may result in many undesired consequences some of which may not be reversible.

Bodybuilding is an amazing and intricate art form in which many different elements come into play. Safety should be the number one concern of any bodybuilder. The consequences of irresponsible steroid use are not worth winning the competition at any cost. In addition, it is wise to use a few experts in the field when getting ready for a competition. This can help avert any injuries or other undesired effects which may occur while taking Anavar. Prudence can and will have many rewards in the preservation of health for the smart bodybuilder.



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