How To Use Anavar To Prepare For Competition

Anavar is an excellent aid in preparing bodybuilders for competition. Not only does it take invaluable time in preparation, it requires dedication and discipline to get maximal results. That is why so many bodybuilders turn to Anavar for that significant boost in preparation for competition.


It not only preserves lean muscle, it boosts metabolism as well. This is a one-two punch for any competitor who is looking to get maximal results from a training regimen. It requires strict discipline but the effects are worth it.

Those who have used Anavar to prepare for competitions have emerged with lean, toned, and sculpted physiques. The best part about using Anavar is that it has very few side effects, if any at all.


Women’s Dose

One must be responsible in using any kind of steroid in preparing for a competition and that includes Anavar. The

Anavar can help you shed unwanted fat when preparing for a competition
Anavar can help you shed unwanted fat when preparing for a competition

dose for women is 5 to 10 mg a day usually dosed twice a day. The twice a day dosing is due to its half-life of 9 hours which is the time it takes for it to fall to 50% of its original potency.

This half-life of 9 hours makes it perfect to be dosed twice a day. Some women decide to go up to 20 mg but it must be emphasized that doses above that can lead to what is called virilisation. Virilisation is demonstrated by a deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, and increased facial and body hair.

It must be emphasized that taking doses above 20 mg for women will most likely lead to virilisation.


Men’s Dose

Doses for men are from 50 to 80 mg a day although doses up to 100 mg have been used without much side effects. However, doses above that have been shown to have minimal, if any, added effect.

Anavar can be beneficial for men competing in bodybuilding. It can bring out the muscles (more definition) and help you create a more leaner look.

Men often use this in stacking with other steroids to increase its effectiveness as Anavar has minimal effect when used alone in men.

Men's bodybuilder competition

It helps to increase lean muscle which gives men a boost when in the cutting cycle. This steroid must only be used during a cutting cycle and not a bulking cycle since it does not add mass at all. Rather, its ability to build lean muscle is where it really shines as an aid in helping bodybuilders getting ready for competition.

Men who have prostate problems, such as an enlargement of the prostate, are strongly advised to avoid taking Anavar altogether.


Loads of Benefits

The benefit of taking Anavar when preparing for competition is that it does not aromatize or cause release of estrogen in the body. This prevents water retention or bloating and gynecomastia.

This is good news especially for men while preparing for competition. Sometimes steroid use can lead to gynecomastia which is an enlargement of the breast tissue which Anavar does not do.

Also, even mild doses of 30 mg for men has been shown to increase athletic endurance. This is always a plus for any athlete preparing for competition. Anavar does not suppress testosterone like other steroids do. Rather, it works in a synergistic and complementary fashion with testosterone in order to build a beautiful and sculpted physique.


Precautions For Taking Anavar

Anavar should only be used during a cutting cycle since there is not much benefit during a bulking cycle. Its high cost of between $2 and $5 a tablet also makes it cost prohibitive to use during a bulking cycle anyway. Anavar must be combined with a strict diet and exercise routine in order to receive maximal benefit. Just taking Anavar alone will not do much.

If Anavar is to be stacked with other steroids, a proper stacking regimen must be followed in order to be successful. Getting advice from a trainer with experience in steroid use in preparation for a competition is also helpful. It is wise to have a full medical check-up before starting a steroid regimen of any sort.


More Precautions

Do not take Anavar if you have had heart problems such as heart failure and such or have hypertension or high cholesterol.

Anavar should not be used in women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or are nursing. It should not be used in doses exceeding recommended range as this may cause an increase in liver enzymes and bilirubin. With responsible use, Anavar can be a wonderful aid in any bodybuilder’s toolkit in preparation for competition.


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