How To Order Anavar In USA

The following article describes the Anavar, its legal status in USA, legal and illegal methods to acquire this drug and the punishment if caught buying this drug illegally.

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What Is Anavar:

Anavar is a synthetic drug from the family of anabolic steroids. Its generic name is Oxandrolone. It was marketed by Searle laboratories under the trademark name of Anavar in United States in 1964 and later it was acquired by Pfizer Inc. It is orally administered drug and undergo metabolism in the liver.


Due to this first pass effect its dosage must be adjusted carefully in the hepatic patients because any kind of liver dysfunction will alter its metabolism. It is mainly excreted in urine.



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Legal Status Of Anavar in USA:

Anavar is not an OTC (Over the Counter) drug and thus you cannot buy this without a prescription from registered medical prescriber. Anavar is actually classified under the Schedule III of Controlled Substances Act which was enacted by 91st US congress to regulate the rational use of drugs and curb the misuse of certain substances.

The act has classified the controlled substance in 5 separate schedules based on their medical use and potential for addiction.

According to the schedule III of US Controlled Substances Act, Anavar cannot be dispensed to the patient without a written prescription from a registered practitioner or an oral prescription directly from a registered prescriber. According to this the prescription written for the Anavar by a practitioner can be dispensed only until 6 months after the date on which the prescription was first written. No dispensing of Anavar is legal after the expiration of prescription. Another clause also suggests that a single prescription can only be refilled not more than 5 times within the 6 months period. It can be however refilled for more than 5 times, only if the prescription is renewed by the initial prescriber.

The Anavar can be dispensed by pharmacist on a written prescription or by oral prescription by the registered prescriber by call-in. The pharmacist is authorized to refill the prescription if it is mentioned on the prescription.



How To Buy Anavar:

There are two main methods to buy the Anavar. A legal and an illegal method.


Buying The Anavar On Prescription:

Legal method obviously involves the dispensing of Anavar on a prescription which is hard to come by because there are not many prescribers who will write you the prescription for Anavar.


Buying The Anavar Without Prescription:

The illegal methods include buying the Anavar without a prescription. There are further several different methods of acquiring the Anavar without a prescription. One method includes buying the Anavar from underground labs that market their products in the black markets. These markets are present in most pars of USA especially in the big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Miami.

The problem with the drugs is that there is a good chance that the drug may be spurious or counterfeited.

There is no guarantee about the strength and purity of the drug or even that the drug is actually Anavar and not the sugar pills.

Other method includes buying it online. There are online websites that provides the Anavar without prescription and also provide home delivery of this anabolic steroid in all the major cities of USA including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Miami.


What If You Get Caught Buying Anavar Without Prescription:

However, illegal buying of Anavar is not recommended. If a person is caught buying Anavar without a prescription or even if it is found in his possession without a prescription, the person is punishable by the fine of not less than 1000$ and imprisonment of no less than 1 year according to the Controlled Substances Act.


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