Finding the Best Price on Pharmaceutical Grade Anavar

Exactly how much can a consumer expect to pay for pharmaceutical Anavar? Anavar, or oxandrolone, is perhaps the most popular steroid used by both female athletes as well as bodybuilders. Unlike other steroids, Anavar is believed to be quite safe and is certainly one of the least toxic options available.

Since its androgenic effects are relatively low when compared to other steroid options, Anavar has become quite desirable among female athletes. Its low estrogenic effects has also made it a popular choice among men as well. These factors, along with its low toxicity, has undoubtedly contributed to the increase of its use.

While the use of Anavar certainly has its benefits, there’s no denying that it is quite expensive to create. Its high price tag is largely due to the R&D process that went into its development. As a newer steroid, Anavar was subjected to significantly more testing than those that came before.

The High Price of Anavar

Anavar is a pricey steroid, but there’s good reason for it. Consumers should be very wary of any vendor or website that is selling Anavar for less than the average price, especially if the cost is seemingly less than the manufacturing cost.

It’s all too common for some vendors to pass off fake Anavar or an adulterated version as a substitute for the real thing as a way to cut costs.
The Many Uses of Anavar

Anavar was initially created to treat a variety of ailments that were linked to weakening of the ligaments, bone, and muscle tissues. It was primarily used during the 1980s as a means of treating atrophy caused by AIDS. As with any steroid and medication, Anavar is not without its potential side effects. Despite this, those who use Anavar will typically experience fewer and less severe symptoms than those who utilize other steroids such as Anadrol.

Anavar was first released by Pfizer, then known as G.D. Searle & Co. Labs, in 1962 under a number of names, including Antitriol, Lonavar, Lipidex, Anatrophil, and Protivar.

During research and development, the creators of Anavar were taken aback by the ability of the steroid to help those who were losing weight due to illness. After taking the steroid, the subjects gained lean weight and increased their ability to fight the infection. Along with this, Anavar was shown to increase bone collagen growth in patients with osteoporosis. Even today, Anavar has a myriad of medicinal uses. The steroid stopped being produced in the early 90s but other companies began to manufacture Anavar, although the product was significantly less pure. For this reason, it can be difficult to find pure Anavar today.

The Cost of Unadulterated Anavar

It’s very difficult to find and purchase unadulterated, pharmaceutical Anavar, and the prices associated with the uncut version of the steroid are quite high. Firstly, with all of the legal limitations on the use of steroids, it can be very difficult to obtain Anavar without a prescription, and those options that are available without a prescription are typically not healthy for humans to consume.

In addition to Anavar being hard to find, the prices can be prohibitive and it can be difficult to find a quality product from among the many fake options. Those who wish to purchase pharmaceutical-grade Anavar will need to go through the required process, which typically includes verification numbers with the merchants.

Seeking Out Pharmaceutical-Grade Anavar Steroids

Numerous athletes and bodybuilders have grown to appreciate Anavar not only because of its many uses, but also because of its lack of androgenic effects and its bio-availability. Since the demand is so high, there are many underground vendors who have started producing the steroid.

Anavar comes with a much higher price tag than many of the other drugs available with similar uses. Both its popularity and its superiority to other steroids contribute to this cost.

While the price of the steroids can vary drastically depending upon the purity of the product, consumers can expect to pay upwards of $1000 for an 8 week supply.

Of all the forms of the drug, injectable Anavar has become the most expensive, largely due to the standards required for its manufacture. For this reason, many opt for the capsule version of the steroid. While it may seem like capsule Anavar is the more popular choice, it’s important to note that this is not due to any superiority on its part; the product is simply easier to produce. The truth of the matter is, however, that oxandrolone will always be costly to create.

Sadly, its high cost means that the market is more likely to be filled with products that are fake and unsafe. While these alternatives can be offered at a lower cost, its imperative for consumers to research each vendor and the steroid itself to avoid being tricked into purchasing an inferior product.



Anvarol is a powerful legal steroid alternative without side effects, perfectly suited for “crossfitters”.

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Getting the Best Value at the Best Price

Although there are many vendors and websites that will offer Anavar, many of them are not worth considering. Some of them will peddle fake merchandise, while others may offer inferior products under the guise of Anavar. There are even those companies that will attempt to sell placebo, or sugar, pills with an Anavar label attached.

Virtually all reliable suppliers will offer Anavar as one of their products. Before choosing a vendor, consumers should survey the business as a whole and take a look at their other products to make sure that they also sell additional cutting steroids such as Clenbuterol. It’s always a terrible idea to rush into any purchase.

The buyer should always research both the vendor and the product and pay close attention to the product’s reviews. The product is worthless if it doesn’t provide the desired results, so purchasing a discounted product, no matter how inexpensive, is certainly never worth it.
Caution is Key When Purchasing Steroids

It’s always the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the proper precautions are being taken before purchasing any type of steroid. In many cases, the consumer may have more luck looking for Anavar in a country where the steroid is legal to sell. By doing so, the buyer is often more likely to be able to acquire a legitimate, quality version of the drug.

No matter where the steroid is purchased, one thing is for certain; the product will not come cheaply. Anavar’s cost should never be a topic of conversation except in cases where the vendor is definitively trustworthy and is known widely for selling quality products. As with most things, the phrase “you get what you pay for” holds true with steroids and with Anavar.


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