Choosing the Best Fat Loss and Muscle Sustaining Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids don’t have the effect on the body that most people believe they do. Just because you’re taking a drug, doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get ripped or shredded. Cutting Steroids

Anabolic drugs certainly help people to change their metabolism, but this will do nothing for you if you don’t change your diet and eating habits.
Anabolic steroids only serve to burn fat when all other elements of your training regime are in good working order. Unless you are gifted with a perfect metabolism and can eat whatever you want, drugs can go a long way toward helping you to maintain your physique.


Maintain Body Composition

After you’ve reached your best natural state, steroids can help to maintain your body composition. Anabolic drugs can help you to maintain a low body-fat percentage while maintaining and in some cases improving your overall form.

The reason for this is because when you lift while taking anabolic drugs, it drastically stimulates the metabolism. When you think of it this way, an average-sized 5’8″ lifter who weighs 200 pounds and works out five or six days a week has the metabolism of a finely-tuned cheetah.


How Anabolic Steroids work melting your fat

Anabolic steroids are capable of aiding fat loss indirectly by elevating the rate of protein synthesis throughout your body. This rebuilding of muscle is essential since if you’re at the gym several times a week, there isn’t much time for your body to rebuild itself.

Your body works at an accelerated rate to repair when you’re taking anabolic steroids.

By continuing to lift hard, eat your share of protein, and get the right amount of calories for healthy weight loss, you can protect your muscle tissue while losing weight and making your diet less intensive.

Protein synthesis in the body is escalated when you take anabolic steroids. The rate of protein synthesis in your body determines how quickly you recover after a workout. In order to build more muscle, you must consume more calories than your body needs. Juicers who take anabolics are able to increase the rate and extent to which our muscles are able to heal from a training regimen. If you cut calories, but maintain the same workout intensity, you’ll still have an appropriate level of muscle growth.

Of course, you’ll have to realize that the gains won’t be quite as big since you’re cutting your calories. Anabolics don’t provide nutrients to the body, and they won’t provide enough support for a body to build intense muscle. The result is minor growth at best.


Reduce body fat with Calorie Restriction

When you remove extra calories form your body, your muscles still attempt to repair the muscle tissue due to the demands of intense training. Your body is designed to get stronger, so that the next time it attempts to complete the same task, it is able to do it more easily. With or without the proper nutrients, your body will attempt to accomplish this. Your muscles are protected from wasting when you consume a hypo-caloric diet. The body can begin to burn body fat only when you have burned more fuel than you are consuming.

Components of Fat Loss

Basically, we have a few components that are required now. You need a hypo-caloric diet in which calories are restricted and you need high levels of protein. The third component is intense resistance training. When you’re dieting, the basic lifts must be maintained. Contrary to popular belief, you will lose a ton of muscle if you decrease the intensity of your workouts during this time.

Yes, the workouts are going to be more difficult, but this period is essential for your progress. The final component is cardio. You have to do your cardio. Aim for at least four times a week for 30-50 minutes max. Once you get all these components lined up and working together can you use anabolics to really make a difference in your body composition.

Nitrogen Retention

Nitrogen retention will increase when you’re taking the most important dieting rugs. This is the body’s status of protein building, and can help retain your muscle growth as opposed to losing it. In addition to nitrogen retention, you also want a drug that doesn’t promote the holding of water.

Winstrol is the drug of choice for many people because they believe it is so effective. In fact, it’s a weak drug that holds no water. Just choose a drug that holds a low level of water, and don’t concern yourself with the rumors about how some drugs are better for juicers than others. Look for a powerful anabolic that works.

Water Retention

When you take a drug that doesn’t hold water, it only gives the illusion of fat loss. The skin gets thinner and drugs that don’t hold water won’t aromatize or hold estrogen. Low estrogen and low water give the impression that the person is extremely cut and more muscular than they actually are.


Bad News About Cutting

The bad news is that you aren’t actually cut. You have the same level of fat, but you have no water and low estrogen. The body is ready and primed to lose fat, but you’re not yet leaner. Water accounts for the total lean mass calculation when you’re computing body fat.

So, what are some of the best drugs for losing weight? The following steroids work to prime the metabolism for fat loss and affect your fat loss indirectly:


EQ and DEX are both drugs you should be careful with since they can hold a bit of water and possibly aromatize. It’s best not to use thee drugs before any public appearance if you don’t yet know how your body will react. The first four drugs are the safest options, especially for a beginner that doesn’t yet know what to expect.

These drugs don’t hold water or aromatize. For dieting, try tren first, since it won’t affect your strength and will keep your aggression level high in the gym.

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