Anavar only cycle results (with before and after photos)

Hi guys and gals! Here is a quick update of some cool before and after photos of people using anavar only.

Just to be sure, I don’t condone the use of illegal steroids in any way, so this article is only for informational purposes. These are 3 stories from steroid forum users and each of them had pretty good success using only anavar.

First one is “meavar”, a user from who wrote that he’s 23 years old and 182 cm tall (about 200lbs).

He was doing anavar only for 8 weeks (about 40mg per day) and had fantastic results. He gained 10 pounds of pure muscle mas and also got really shredded so he has a nice physique now with arms like Arnold (just kidding here).

Anavar only Cycle results



The second user is “Punchit9k” from tnation forums, who used Anavar as his first ever cycle. At first, he writes, he wanted to use winny/test but after some research he chose Anavar because of the fever side effects (and it’s easier for the liver). He took a good amount, 75mg per day total – 50 in the morning, 25 at dinner and 40mg Nolvadex as PCT.

He’s 25 years old, 5’6 and 155 lb. His body fat is about 11%. He was doing flat bench, deadlifts and squats like crazy. He also mentions that he has good genetics so he can eat 3200 kcal a day and still has a good phisyque. Anyway, here’s one of his photos and you decide of his progress.

Tnation forums Anavar results



The third user is “Jessie“, a lovely female. She took 10mg anvarol per day and took it for 12 weeks. She’s pretty small, only 105 pounds after the cycle, but you really can see the progress, especially on her back that looks pretty amazing. From the photos you see she must be about 20 – 25 and she’s going to compete in June!



Here you have it. Some cool results with using anavar only. But as already mentioned, Anavar is illegal in pretty much all countries and can have lots of side effects. If you want to get a legal Anavar alternative, we recommend Anvarolsee our full review here. Anvarol has no side effects while has lots of benefits losing fat and gaining muscle mass.



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