Anavar Is A Wonder Steroid

Anavar or oxandrolone is a mild anabolic steroid that was introduced by Searle Laboratories in 1964. It was used to aid chemo, cancer, and later AIDS patients in reverse wasting syndrome. In addition, it was used to help those who had undergone surgery, those with chronic illnesses and infections, and those who had undergone prolonged corticosteroid treatment to regain weight.130082be-2223-40cb-8a11-20478afbdcf0

It was later discovered that it was also good at increasing respiratory endurance as well as healing cutaneous wounds. With its myriad of medical uses, one would assume that it would stay primarily in the medical community.

Word caught on fast in the bodybuilding community and Anavar began to be used as an aid to bodybuilders in preparation for competition. It is considered a mild steroid which is particularly effective in preserving lean muscle and keeping metabolism high. It is known for building a lean and sculpted physique rather than building muscle mass.

In fact, it seems that Anavar is a wonder steroid that truly allows one to master the art of sculpting a lean and mean physique. Due to its high cost of between $2 and $5 a tablet, it is often used only during a cutting cycle.


The Effects in Women

Women see the most effect with Anavar during a cutting cycle. The most effective dose for women to take is 5 to 10 mg a day. Some women have gone so far as to take 20 mg a day, but doses exceeding that can cause what is called virilisation. Virilisation is characterized by a deepening of the voice, increased hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. Some women may also experience hair loss towards the front of the scalp though this is rare. In addition, it may cause acne on the back and the shoulders as well as the face. This is also rare.

The great thing about Anavar is that it does not aromatise and cause a release of estrogen in the body like other steroids do. For women, this is great as it does not lead to water retention or bloating. In men, this is especially beneficial as it does not lead to gynecomastia, or an enlargement of the breast area. It is useful only during the cutting cycle which lasts generally 4 to 6 weeks, while some may go as high as 6 to 8 weeks.


The Effects in Men

Unlike women, men do not have the same effects as women do using Anavar. It is effective for men during a cutting cycle at 50 to 80 mg. Some men have used it up to 100 mg, although doses exceeding that are not considered beneficial. The drawback for men though is that it is not a good bulking aid.

In contrast, it is best used to carve lean muscle and increase metabolism. The positive benefit of Anavar is that it does not suppress testosterone like other steroids do. Rather, it works synergistically with testosterone to sculpt a tight and toned physique. However, men with prostate problems cannot take Anavar and should avoid it altogether.


Anavar is Good At Stacking  

Anavar works well in stacking with other steroids in preparation for competition. Anavar amps up the formation of lean muscle and combines with other recommended steroids to go all out in preparation for competition. Not only do competitors get the benefit of Anavar, they also get the benefit of the other steroids. It seems for men who use Anavar that this is the real way to go. Anavar is good for women to stack with other steroids as well.


Some Precautions

There are some precautions that must be heeded while using Anavar. One must not exceed the recommended dose or untoward side effects as mentioned are likely to occur. Abuse and overuse can lead to an increase in liver enzymes and bilirubin. In addition, women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant, or who are in the process of breastfeeding should avoid taking Anavar.


More Precautions

Those who have suffered heart attacks, had angina or heart failure are also cautioned to avoid taking Anavar. Those who have high blood pressure and cholesterol should not take Anavar as well. Although there a number of precautions with taking Anavar, it is generally considered a safe anabolic steroid when used correctly.

For those who work hard to win competitions, this is the perfect aid that sculpts that dream physique without many side effects. The key is that like with anything, Anavar must be used with caution. Those who do are most likely to meet with success.


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