Optimizing Strength Increases From Anavar Cycles

Anavar stands out among orally-ingested anabolic steroids for its particularly effective capacity to build the user’s strength despite also being mild for a chemical.
Anavar - great for strength gains without building too much muscle mass
Anavar – great for strength gains without building too much muscle mass
While it is indeed among the mildest steroids in the market, it nonetheless remains imperative that the user consumes it in a paced, reasonable, and responsible cycle in the interest of avoiding damage to the body.
Through proper cycling usage of the steroid in tandem with the correct supplements, the consumer can achieve a body sporting not only exemplary strength but also a tight and veined appearance.



Taking Testosterone Supplements Alongside Anavar if Male

Despite its mildness, one of Anavar’s more concerning effects on male users is that it can restrain the body’s testosterone output, which is potentially devastating to more than just the user’s physique; without a testosterone ester paired with the steroid, the user can lose his appetite, suffer mood swings, and inhibit his virility.

Supplementing Anavar with Testosterone E can be beneficial for strength gains
Supplementing Anavar with Testosterone E can be beneficial for strength gains

To maintain a testosterone base in the interest of negating these effects, one should inject separate halves of a weekly dose of testosterone enanthate during days three to four days apart from each other; this is the most useful ester to rely on because its effects gradually apply over long periods of time, which is why it does not need to be dosed regularly.


Adding an Aromatase Inhibitor to Counteract Testosterone Supplements

Note that the testosterone supplements the user should be consuming alongside Anavar will convert into extra estrogen inside the body, even though Anavar itself does not aromatize in the same manner; if the male user is sensitive to this hormone, the user’s breast tissues can swell as a result of the non-cancerous condition Gynecomastia.


Adding the common aromatase inhibitor Arimidex to a user’s Anavar steroid cycle is both very economical and effective at avoiding this hormonal imbalance.


Being Prepared to Avoid Side Effects After the Cycle

In addition to the three aforementioned substances, a user intending to safely complete an Anavar cycle must also prepare additional substances with which to avoid the withdrawal-like side effects one will otherwise have afterwards.

While weeks worth of Clomid will have to be stocked for use after the cycle, the user may have to keep HGC available as well.


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The Ideal Consumption Schedule for Anavar and the Other Substances

The first six weeks of a twelve-week consumption cycle only involve using the supplements in preparation for Anavar; while consuming half a milligram of Arimidex every two days, the user injects two equally-spaced-apart 250-milligram testosterone enanthate doses every week.

This pattern remains consistent throughout the following four weeks even as the user additionally consumes fifty milligrams of Anavar a day.

Finally, the user drops all consumption of either supplement throughout the last two weeks while continuing his daily dosage of Anavar. The cycle is then followed by six straight weeks of daily Clomid usage; the first two weeks of this post-cycle therapy will require 150 milligrams a day, the next two weeks will require 100 milligrams a day, and the final two weeks will require 50 milligrams a day.


A Completely Different Routine for Females

Because a female user is neither concerned with any risk of side effects resulting from low bodily testosterone output nor with Gynecomastia being a factor, she will neither need post-cycle therapy nor any substances beyond Anavar.

She merely needs a daily dosage of ten milligrams of Anavar over a maximum of eight weeks to achieve both bodily strength and lean gains; if only the strength is desired, this dosage can be reduced to five milligrams at first.



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